Ordering Guide

Key Orders

Key codes are usually found either on the face of the lock, or if you have a spare key already it will be stamped onto the head of the key.

There are two ways to find the key code you are looking for on our site.

If you know the manufacturer name of your lockers or keys then click on our key shop icon on the left hand side of our site. A number of options will open up on the right hand side which will help you to find the correct keys you require.

If you do not know any details other than the key code then simply click on our key search and enter the code you have.

In both cases you will eventually be taken to a screen which allows you to enter multiple key codes in a list, if you require extra rows you can add more using the add keys button to the right hand side of the list.

Once your list is complete, click add to basket and purchase your keys through the checkout.

If our system does not find the key you require or you simply require some help then please give us a call for further assistance.


Locks & Accessories

This section is fairly straight forward, click on the category of item you are looking for, some further options will then open up to the right, click on the option you are searching for then enter a qty required next to the item you require and add to basket.


Firstly click on the locker shop icon on the left hand side of the page, the various types of locker available will then open up on the right hand side.

Choose the type of locker you require, for example storage lockers, next you will be taken to the various styles of that particular product, in this case single door lockers, two door lockers, three door lockers etc.

Choose the style you require to be taken to the product detail page.

Once at this screen there are 4 steps.

1 . Choose your colour - tick the colour required

2. Choose size required - we have different widths and depths of locker available depending on how much space you would like the user to have - tick the size required.

3. Choose your lock type - Standard keyed locks, Latch Locks, or coin return locks, the extra cost for your lock choice appears next to the option - tick the type of lock required.

4. Choose your extra options - In most cases this is just the option to have a sloping top factory fitted in place of a standard flat top, this option stops users leaving unwanted waste on top of your lockers - again tick the box if required.

Lastly enter the qty required of that particular locker and click add to basket.

Hopefully this basic guide answers most queries, but if you have any problems using the site then please feel free to give us a call on 0151 221 9454